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Viewpoints on key issues for the automotive industry

From identifying risks and opportunities to understanding the current investment trends, we invite you to select from the individual articles below to gain insights into the most top-of-mind issues shaping the automotive industry:

A better way to manage the risk of regulatory compliance
Although accustomed to strict financial reporting rules, carmakers need a more holistic approach to other regulatory challenges, explains EY’s Global Automotive Assurance Leader Stephane Lagut.

Meeting the auto industry's capacity management crisis
With the automotive supply chain straining to meet growing demand, manufacturers must improve their capacity planning and management. EY's Sven Dharmani, Principal, Performance Improvement, explains.

The case against auditor rotation rules
A growing number of countries are adopting auditor rotation rules to maintain independence and guard against overly close auditor/management relationships. We discuss the down sides.

The supply chain management challenge
Revived auto sales in North America combined with new model launches are changing the supply chain. Jeff Henning, EY’s Global Automotive Markets Leader explains.

Automotive industry mega trends 
There are eight mega trends defining tomorrow’s automotive industry. Learn more about their potential impact from experts from our Global Automotive Center including Alexa Nassif (Senior Manager, based in Detroit) and Anil Valsan (Lead Automotive Analyst, based in London).

Using social media in automotive marketing
We are in the midst of a social media revolution where traditional assumptions about marketing don’t apply and the “rules” change continuously. Do you know how carmakers can use these tools? We explain the new face of automotive marketing.

Cost management in an uncertain automotive market
Remarkably, the industry’s supply base somehow managed its costs during last year’s global economic crisis. While many companies faltered, the disruptions were surprisingly mild compared to the doomsday scenarios envisioned. How can you implement best practices that protect your company’s ability to maintain industry-leading profit margins? Find out here.

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