Maximize the opportunity in emerging markets?

Minimize the volatility of uncertain growth?

A balanced emerging market strategy opens the door to untapped markets, while keeping risks under control

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The world’s leading consumer products companies have been doing business in emerging markets for decades. Others have tried to make an entrance more recently. But the scale of the opportunity has often obscured the need to grow in ways that are profitable.

When 69% of executives say emerging markets will be their main engine of growth over the next three years, the scramble to seize market share is understandable. But we believe the industry has reached an inflection point.

Emerging markets are evolving rapidly. Consumer expectations are diverse and changing. Competition is intense. Labor costs are high and rising. Supply chains are becoming more complex. The result is that profitable growth is becoming much harder to find and sustain.

This new environment demands a different response.

To succeed, companies must balance a series of conflicting priorities. They must be flexible and efficient. They need to execute a global strategy and do so in a way that gives autonomy to local managers. They must secure short-term gains and generate long-term opportunities.

By helping you find the balance that works best for your business, we can guide you to new levels of emerging market success.

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