New horizons: Insights for health executives

2017 edition

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EY - Jim Costanzo

Jim Costanzo
EY Global Health Leader

“The status quo is not sustainable for the health sector. But businesses are capitalizing on the opportunity for innovation by reinventing health and wellness.”

Welcome to the 2017 edition of New horizons. In response to the overwhelming positive feedback on last year’s edition, we are again pleased to bring you a series of executive insights that explore some of the most trenchant issues in the health sector today.

There are powerful forces and enablers of change that, together, are reshaping the way we think about health, care delivery and wellness. Health care is being reinvented at an astonishing pace, as established stakeholders and new entrants find new ways to deliver higher quality outcomes to a greater number of people while combating rising costs.

This brings us to the thread underlying all of our articles: disruption. It has long been clear that the status quo is not sustainable for the health sector. And political and regulatory uncertainty have made planning even more difficult. But businesses are capitalizing on the opportunity for innovation presented by the disruptive forces affecting the sector by reinventing health and wellness. Disruption is an opportunity for positive growth; this is the theme at the heart of this year’s New Horizons.

We kick off this series of executive insights with a discussion of the opportunities inherent in aging populations, a megatrend as disruptive as digital. In our What does the participatory health system of tomorrow look like?, we see how technologies are rising to meet the growing demand for a consumer-centric health marketplace. Interviews with the Mayo Clinic and Karolinska University Hospital show how leading providers are shifting to value-driven care, meeting headlong the challenge to deliver outcomes in a sustainable way. Meanwhile, technologies like Robotic Process Automation are helping the back office streamline operations, and generate valuable insights with greater data accuracy. In Consolidation in the Health Sector and disruptive trends, we discuss how mergers, greenfield acquisitions and partnerships are aligning incentives across stakeholder groups, bringing value to consumers and businesses alike.

Change, like that which comes from disruption, is inevitable. How we respond to it is not. Building a systemic purpose that embraces change is how organizations can prevent the negative effects of disruption.

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