Managing biotechnology

From sciences to market in the digital age

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EY - Francoise Simon

Francoise Simon,
Professor Emerita, Columbia University and Senior Faculty, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

EY - Glen Giovannetti

Glen Giovannetti,
EY Partner and Global Biotechnology Leader

New book provides a comprehensive overview of the new business context for biopharma companies, featuring numerous case studies and state-of-the-art marketing models

Biotechnology has developed into a key innovation driver especially in the field of human health care. But as the biopharma industry continues to grow and expand its reach, development costs are colliding with aging demographics and cost-containment policies of private and public payers.

Concurrently, the development and increased affordability of sophisticated digital technologies has fundamentally altered many industries including health care. The arrival of new information technology (infotech) companies on the health care scene presents both opportunities and challenges for the biopharma business model. To capitalize on new digital technologies from R&D through commercialization requires industry leaders to adopt new business models, develop new digital and data capabilities, and partner with innovators and payers worldwide.

Written by EY's Biotechnology Sector Leader Glen Giovannetti in collaboration with Dr. Francoise Simon, they draw on their extensive experience in the biotech industry to provide a comprehensive overview of the new business context and marketing models for biotech companies.

Throughout case studies provide researchers, corporate marketers, senior managers, consultants, financial analysts, and other professionals involved in the biotech sector with insights, ideas and models.

The book also includes articles contributed by Pamela Spence, EY Global Life Sciences Sector Leader, Susan Garfield, EY Global Life Sciences Advisory Services Principal and Kristin Pothier, Managing Director and Global Head of Life Sciences at Parthenon-EY.

Managing Biotechnology: From Sciences to Market in the Digital Age is available at all major online booksellers.


Jacqualyn Fouse, PhD, Retired President and Chief Operating Officer, Celgene

“Biotech companies have long been innovators, using the latest technologies to enable cutting edge science to help patients with serious diseases. This book is essential to help biotech firms understand how they can–and must–apply the newest technologies including disruptive ones, alongside science, to innovate and bring new value to the healthcare system.”


Emmanuel Blin, Former Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“If you want to know where biopharma is going, read this book! Our industry is facing unprecedented opportunities driven by major scientific breakthroughs, while transforming itself to address accelerated landscape changes driven by digital revolutions and the emergence of value-based healthcare worldwide. In this ever-changing context, we all need to focus everything we do on the patients. They are why we exist as an industry, and this is ultimately what this insightful essay is really about.”


John Maraganore, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

“Since the mapping of the human genome was completed nearly 15 years ago, the biotechnology industry has led the rapid translation of raw science to today’s innovative medicines. However, the work does not stop in the lab. Delivering these novel medicines to patients is a complex and multifaceted process, which is elegantly described in this new book.”