EY at CES 2017

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On 6 January, EY's leaders showcased their insights at Variety’s Entertainment Summit at CES, the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here, you can find their latest insight on striking the right balance between data and creativity and how new digital channels are broadening audience-reach for media companies.

Engineering the customer outcome

Spotlight presentation: Janet Balis, EY Media & Entertainment Strategy and Customer Practice Leader @digitalstrategy

EY - Janet Balis

Across all industries, data plays a greater role than ever before. However, the stakes around using data strategically are even higher in the media and entertainment industry, where creativity and content are prized above all else.

How can media companies strike the right balance between creativity and data? What dynamics around the industry require us to get better at using data? And how can we use data to complement creativity and maximize the consumer experience? What can we learn to experiment, scale, and continuously reinvent new models of engagement?

EY - Watch Janet’s on-stage presentation

Watch Janet’s on-stage Variety session: Engineering the customer outcome -- and share on social media.

EY - Janet Balis at CES 2017 on The human connection

How will creativity and data shape the future of the human experience? Watch Janet’s on-stage presentation: The human connection.

Janet shares additional insight into these trends in conversation with Broadcasting & Cable. Watch the video interview here.

Also see Janet’s blog post: Engineering the outcome: the new imperative around creativity and data

Panel: The state of peak multi-platform

Panel presentation with John Harrison, EY Global Media & Entertainment Transaction Services Leader

EY - John Harrison

It’s easy to get whiplash, with content options in every direction audiences turn. How are media companies broadening their reach with new digital channels, and avoiding spreading their audiences too thin across such a large sea of choice? How are online platforms staying competitive as traditional media companies sharpen their digital focus?

Top multiplatform chiefs explore current and future opportunities in the entertainment industry.

On stage at CES, John Harrison shares his view on today’s multiplatform media environment: “The media landscape is evolving quickly. Ultimately, it's about having great, engaging content and building scale.” Where are media companies investing? “Transactions are happening cross-sector to expand into new areas or horizontal to remain competitive,” says Harrison.

EY - Watch John’s panel discussion

Watch John’s panel discussion and share on social media.

John shares additional insight into these trends in conversation with Broadcasting & Cable. Watch the video interview here.

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