Renewable energy country attractiveness index

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In this issue:

EY - Chief Editor’s note

Chief Editor’s note
Ben Warren discusses how digitisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation promise to transform the retail energy market by becoming three key disruptors. Also highlighted is the fact that, in a market disrupted by technology, the customer relationship will have to come front and centre.

EY - Feature: Retail market

Feature: Retail market
A digitised, distributed and decarbonising residential energy market will see the competitive landscape redrawn. Can incumbent utilities survive?

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EY - Insight: Mini-grids opportunity

Insight: Mini-grids opportunity
With up to two in every three people without access to electricity in large parts of sub-Saharan Africa and other remote areas, how attractive is the mini-grid market?

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EY - RECAI index

RECAI index
China has remained at the top of the index over the past six months, with the Middle East and North Africa seeing a surge in renewables activity and an improvement in their ranking.

See the latest index rankings, including technology-specific indices.

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EY - Key developments

Key developments
A summary of the latest country-specific, transaction and investment highlights.

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EY - Feature: RECAI at 50

Feature: RECAI at 50
We look at how the renewables market has been on a journey since the first issue of RECAI in 2003, transforming from an expensive, niche technology, to, in some countries, the largest and most competitive electricity source.

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EY - Market Spotlight: US

Market Spotlight: US
Despite concerns over federal funding and the spectre of import tariffs, the US renewables sector is thriving.

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EY - Country focus

Country focus
This issue features a more in-depth look at the latest developments in South Korea and France following recent elections in both countries.

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