Why wait for inspiration to strike when you can ignite the spark?

Future Work Now helps create a stellar work experience, allowing you to benefit from employees who innovate today to produce results tomorrow.

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To succeed in a working world full of disruption, look to your people – and Future Work Now (FWN)

An unprecedented reinvention of work is here. Many employees want purpose and a paycheck. Members of high-performance teams would like a human connection, but they may rarely, if ever, be in the same room with the extended team.

Future Work Now – Inspiring employees to produce topline results


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Why wait for inspiration to strike when you can ignite the spark?

Today, organizations must find new ways to inspire their employees if they are to produce topline results tomorrow.

EY helps companies create that inspiration.

Introducing Future Work Now

It’s a new morning in the way people work. Today, the workday starts connected.  Why we connect is as important as how we connect. Home, social and work-life flow together. Flexibility and resiliency are the new normal. It’s a life in motion.

The new workplace is a seamless integration of technology, nature and design and is intended to inspire an innovative workforce.  The workplace is now part of a larger employee experience, where health, well-being and a culture of openness are central. Work is no longer about just “checking into” a job…it is about making a difference.

Now more than ever, teams are more diverse, collaborative, and global. Teams perform best when the members have strong alignment, clear roles and tools to advance communication.

Today’s leaders connect ideas while ensuring every person contributes. Leading with empathy allows each member’s style, experience and perspective to be considered. More voices for more value.

The fast pace of the digital economy generates disruptions almost daily. To lead more effectively, leaders are supported with new systems and tools. Support can come in many forms; from in-person mentors to digital coaches or technology systems that provide real-time feedback. These ensure leaders are best positioned to truly inspire the workforce.

With so much time online, time offline is essential. Time to reflect, to breathe and to recharge gives employees the clarity they need to thrive at work and to lead more fulfilling lives.

Organizations are becoming flatter and more responsive. Hierarchy has given way to networks, where workers are empowered to connect freely, to solve and to innovate.

Executives realize that attracting the right talent requires more than just good compensation. Being appreciated for a job well done, access to inspirational leaders and, most importantly, alignment of personal and corporate purpose are central to the employee experience.

At the end of the day, feeling inspired is fundamental for the new workforce. Inspired employees create inspired customers, who in turn, deliver inspired business results.

As work and life become more intertwined, people don’t just work, they work to feel fulfilled.
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Technology experience
Physical environment
Teaming ability
Digital leaders
Mind clarity
Performance and rewards

The time to act is now. The future of work, it’s now.

Future Work Now
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The better the question.
The better the answer.
The better the world works.


The largest generation of our time, the millennials, expect the office to offer the same digital experience they have at home and on their personal devices. And all ages have cause for concern as white-collar and creative jobs — long considered immune to technological displacement — are being disrupted by technology, like bots and artificial intelligence and the increasing pace of digitalization.

This is the new normal. Many companies are working aggressively to adapt to future trends. Is yours one of them?

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

The ultimate resource

Did you know?
Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, in late 2015, highlighted the risks raised by the rapid rise of AI and its implications for humanity. - CNET

In the future of work, the human resource will increasingly become the ultimate resource. But companies will need to use their people more efficiently as they deploy smart technologies and take on competition not yet imagined. Businesses everywhere will have to reinvent their model to keep their people and organizations engaged and inspired to do their best work. Understanding and grasping the gravity of this intersection positions FWN for actionable results. FWN's comprehensive, coordinated framework is designed to improve your focus, adjust your actions and help your business thrive today – for success tomorrow.