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EY helps companies transform from private entity to public enterprise, while also advising business leaders on how to execute strategic transactions to fund growth, accelerate innovation and internationalization, and gain access to new pools of capital.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) can help companies raise the capital they need to accelerate growth, become market leaders and provide shareholders with greater liquidity alternatives. IPO-bound companies typically run multi-track strategies, assessing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) alongside an IPO, and evaluating listing options around the world to raise capital and deliver an optimal valuation to shareholders.

Whichever route you take, early and holistic preparation is key. EY can advise you on how to prepare for, and execute, a successful transaction, as well as sustain growth post-transaction. The hard work of being a public company continues after the IPO and having a strong investor relations function will be critical to success.

Guide to going public

EY’s IPO value journey, which covers the four phases in a typical IPO.

IPO and transaction readiness services

Our IPO and transaction readiness services enable us to guide private companies through the IPO and alternative transaction preparation process. When considering an IPO, M&A, private equity, venture capital or other transaction, preparation is key.

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To make the right decision, companies often run multi-track strategies. It takes an average of 12 to 24 months of planning and preparation for a company to be ready to go public or to complete an alternative form of transaction.

EY offers holistic IPO and transaction readiness sessions. Using an engaging framework, the session will foster strategic thinking, discussion around your business objectives, potential capital-raising strategies and the organizational change required to execute and sustain a successful IPO or alternative transaction.

If you are considering an IPO, you must prepare for the actual IPO event and then for a new phase as a public corporation. Through extensive research we have identified critical IPO success factors such as:

  • Approaching the IPO as a transformational process rather than just the transaction
  • Behaving and operating as a public company at least one year before the IPO
  • Outperforming the competition on key performance measures before, during and after the IPO

EY can help you evaluate the options and prepare you for life as a public company.

IPO destination services

Companies can choose from more than 100 stock exchanges and listing options worldwide. EY’s IPO and strategic transaction leaders can conduct an IPO destination session to help you better understand and analyze your motivations, objectives and mobility in the capital markets.

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We can assist you with analysis and selection of the right listing location and stock exchange based on your strategic perspective.

It is also important for you to understand the regulatory requirements for the different exchanges and the preparations required to reach your preferred IPO destination. Achieving the right combination of corporate and capital market strategy for your IPO or secondary listing is key.

Our insights

Guide to going public

EY’s IPO value journey, which covers the four phases in a typical IPO.

EY Global Trends Report
The EY Global IPO Trends Report is released quarterly and looks at the IPO markets, trends and outlook for the Americas, US, Asia-Pacific, Greater China, Japan, EMEIA and the UK.

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