EY - Flexible working

Flexible working

We aspire to be the leading professional services firm for both informal and formal flexible working arrangements that benefit our people, our clients and the communities we work within. Find out more

EY - Flexible working culture

Flexible working culture

We’re a Top 10 Employer for Working Families, recognising our approach to flexible working.

EY - Challenging the stigma of mental health

Challenging the stigma of mental health

Recognised for helping to improve mental health awareness in the workplace. Find out more.


Life at EY

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What does working at EY feel like?

Talk to anyone at EY and they’ll tell you what a rewarding place it is to work. We attract individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who — like you — bring a unique point of view and unique business skills. You’ll work with great people and will be exposed to a range of alternative perspectives. building lifelong relationships and networks. You’ll also play an important part in fostering sustainable growth – helping to create the fundamentals that are vital to economic health right around the world.

Everyone's opinion is valued. After all, diversity of thought and ideas enables us to provide better services to our clients. In return for your input and ideas, we're committed to giving you the experiences you need to progress and develop as well as the learning and coaching to help you to excel.

For us, it's vital you share our goals — so we can work together to achieve success.

Global mindset


You'll find that EY is a place where respect, integrity and teamwork define the way we work.



At EY, you'll be given the experiences, training and coaching you need to achieve your goals.


People talking around a table

By being a part of EY you'll feel the impact we have on businesses and communities.



There is a wide range of opportunities for you to increase your sense of belonging at EY.

Rewards and benefits


We recognise and reward your performance, motivating you to contribute to our success and helping you achieve your potential.


Diverse viewpoints produce better answers. That’s why we embrace the increased diversity that is such a feature of the modern workforce. And as our clients become more global and expand into new markets, they expect us to be as equally diverse.

We have a strong commitment to bringing together the right teams for our clients from across our global organisation. These teams match our clients’ needs in terms of knowledge, skills and cultural background.

Diverse teams are also proven to stimulate innovation and new ways of problem solving. But they need an inclusive culture to help them function at their best.

Inclusiveness is all about making the diverse mix work. It’s about equity and opportunity – making sure that differences are celebrated so that talented people from any background can rise to the top, and ensuring that opportunities to develop and advance are available for all from day one.

Making sure that all our people’s voices are heard and valued not only helps attract and retain the best people, but also it helps get better answers for our clients.

Visit our new diversity & inclusiveness microsite to see how we build a more inclusive culture for our people: www.ey.com/differencesmatter

The future is flexible

We aspire to be the leading professional services firm for both informal and formal flexible working arrangements that benefit our people, our clients and the communities we work within. Find out more about the world of flexible working here.

Women at EY

The World Economic Forum estimates it will be 80 years before women achieve gender parity. Learn about what EY is doing to accelerate progress here.

Inclusive leadership

We want to ensure that everyone can truly be themselves and feel included at work, regardless of their race, gender or background. Our award winning Inclusive Leadership Programme helps build high performing teams to deliver exceptions client service.

Awards and recognition

We benchmark ourselves regularly against other organisations and are proud of our high standards. But don't just take our word for it, find out more about some of the awards and recognition we have won recently.

Our Networks

As part of our approach to Diversity & Inclusiveness, we are proud to sponsor a number of networks within the firm. These networks support their members in many ways, including connecting people across the business and empowering them to achieve their full potential. All our networks are fully inclusive and welcome members from any background.

EY - Network


We'll help you get where you want to go

At EY, you'll be provided with the experiences, training and coaching you need to be part of our high-performing teams.

You'll be inspired to achieve your aims, both professionally and personally, while making a difference to our clients and in our communities. And you'll be empowered to take your career in the direction you want it to go.

Find out more about the learning, experiences and coaching that will shape your development here.

We'll involve you in our business – and in the wider community

At EY we have a strong commitment to involvement and teamwork. It’s important you feel part of our wider organisation and feel at first hand the powerful impact we’re able to have on businesses and communities.

This sense of involvement stretches a long way beyond the formal work you’ll add to your CV. It’s about the bonds that you form with your colleagues, the support you give to our corporate responsibility activities and the way you contribute to our ongoing discussions within the organisation. And the experiences you gain along the way will last throughout working life.

We make a difference

If you join EY, you'll feel welcome from your first day until long after you leave. But there are lots of opportunities to enhance your sense of belonging here.

That's because we take community leadership seriously; our support for the United Nations Global Compact and Transparency International are just two examples. And we rely on the enthusiasm and skills of our people to cement our place in each community we're a part of.

Corporate social responsibility

CareersYou've found the right place if you want to make a difference outside of your professional role. Our approach to corporate responsibility coordinates volunteering activities — in education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability — in a way that makes real use of your unique skills and capabilities. That way, you can have a far greater personal impact.

Community engagement is also a key part of our global career development framework.

You'll have the opportunity to develop in new and different contexts. You might be improving your public speaking, sharpening your negotiating skills or collaborating with people from a variety of backgrounds. But at the same time, you'll be helping the community and building career-enhancing skills.


CareersNot everyone spends their whole career at EY. But no matter where your career takes you, you'll find your time here will do more than develop your skills and increase your experience.

You'll have made connections and friendships that will prove invaluable throughout your career. As an EY alumnus, you'll be offered many opportunities to network with your fellow professionals.

So however your career evolves, you'll continue to benefit from your time with us, whether you choose to leave or stay. And if you do decide to pursue opportunities outside EY, we hope you'll become one of the many people who rejoin, bringing valuable experience and perspectives that enrich our organisation.

Rewards and benefits

By meeting challenges and performing at a consistently high level, you make a valuable contribution to EY’s success.

We recognise this and have structured our remuneration packages accordingly. You’ll be rewarded for your individual and team performance in a way which motivates you to achieve your goals.

Rewards can take many forms, from competitive salaries and traditional benefit plans through to financial planning and legal assistance programmes. We also support flexible working and will work with you to help you benefit from the right career development opportunities.