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EY UK offices

Our offices

Our proximity to our clients can be critical to the service we provide for them. That’s why we operate from over 19 offices across the UK. Use our map to see our UK locations, and watch videos to get a snapshot of what life is like at a selection of our UK offices.


Life at EY

EY - Life at EY
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Every experience shapes your future

Talk to anyone at EY and they’ll tell you what a rewarding place it is to work. As you collaborate with colleagues in our high-performing teams, you gain exposure to some of the most demanding and stimulating challenges in the business world.

Every experience and insight is something you can take with you as your career progresses. In fact, we believe that it genuinely lasts a lifetime.

We attract individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who — like you — bring a unique point of view and unique business skills. You’ll work with great people and will be exposed to a range of alternative perspectives.

Everyone’s opinion is valued. After all, diversity of thought and ideas enables us to provide better services to our clients. In return for your input and ideas, we’re committed to giving you the experiences you need to progress and develop as well as the learning and coaching to help you to excel.

For us, it's vital you share our goals — so we can work together to achieve success.

All together

EY - All together

At EY you’ll be working in teams with all kinds of people. See why this matters to us – and to you.

Your development

EY - Your development

You need training, coaching and new experiences to develop your career. Find out how we deliver this.

Part of something

EY - Part of something

When you join us, you’ll make a difference to our clients, organisation – and all the people you work with.

Our community

EY - Our community

EY isn’t just a business. Learn about all the other ways you can make a difference here.

Your rewards

EY - Your rewards

We’ll reward your contribution and performance fairly. Read about the range of benefits you’ll receive.



Drawing on everyone’s strengths

Diverse viewpoints lead to better answers. And the global workforce is becoming ever-more diverse.

As an organization with a presence worldwide, we encourage respect, integrity and teamwork in the way we work. You’ll be encouraged to think in global terms, build strong relationships and embrace diversity in all its forms.

By valuing the differences in those you work alongside you’ll find that you improve your perspective and, ultimately, provide better answers for your clients and communities.

Helping you go further

At EY, you’ll be given the experiences, training and coaching you need to succeed. Many of the soft skills we teach are designed to create a global mindset and address the importance of diversity and inclusiveness.

You’ll be inspired to achieve your aims, both professionally and personally, while making a difference to our clients and in our communities.

We’ll work together to help ensure your career takes you in a direction where you’ll be able to reach your goals. It’s about making sure you do interesting work with exciting clients, while also providing access to appropriate training, coaching and support.

Find out more about learning, experiences and coaching that will frame your development.

We’ll involve you in our business – and in the wider community

At EY we have a strong commitment to involvement and teamwork. It’s important you feel part of our wider organization and feel at first hand the powerful impact we’re able to have on businesses and communities.

This sense of involvement stretches a long way beyond the formal work you’ll add to your CV/resumé. It’s about the bonds that you form with your colleagues, the support you give to our corporate responsibility activities and the way you contribute to our ongoing discussions within the organization.

We make a difference

If you join EY, you’ll feel welcome throughout your time with us. There are many ways in which you can also  enhance your sense of belonging here.

That’s because we take community leadership seriously; our support for the United Nations Global Compact and Transparency International are just two examples. And we rely on the enthusiasm and skills of our people to cement our place in each community we’re a part of.

Corporate responsibility

You’ve found the right place if you want to make a difference outside of your professional role. Our approach to corporate responsibility coordinates volunteering activities — in education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability — in a way that makes real use of your unique skills and capabilities. That way, you can have a far greater personal impact.

As part of our commitment to sustainable growth and building a better working world, we place a strong focus on sponsoring educational programs, harnessing women’s economic potential and fostering entrepreneurship. Community engagement is also a key part of our global career development framework.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop in new and different contexts. You might be improving your public speaking, sharpening your negotiating skills or collaborating with people from a variety of backgrounds. But at the same time, you’ll be helping the community and building career-enhancing skills.

Your rewards and recognition

Your EY package is designed to recognise and reward your performance, to keep you motivated and to give you the support you need to explore and use your strengths at work.

As you’d expect, you’ll get a competitive salary. You’ll also receive a range of benefits which you can choose and tailor through our flexible benefits scheme. But don’t just focus on the tangible things – remember all the training and development you’ll receive, and the happiness you’ll get from working in the way that suits you best.

Here’s a summary of our benefits. We review these regularly, and you’ll learn exactly what applies to your role during the hiring process.

Standard employment benefits for graduates:

  • Graduate loan: up to £7,000 interest-free, repayable through your salary over 48 months
  • Holiday: starting at 25 days a year
  • Interest-free season ticket loan
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Life assurance
  • Illness pay and prolonged disability insurance
  • Leisure facilities (at some offices)
  • Subsidised restaurants (at some offices)
  • Access to the Xexec Lifestyle Management website that gives you free access to online discounts on a wide range of products and services including a no charge concierge service
  • The EY Arts Club which gives you free access to some of the most visited museums and galleries around the UK and many other benefits from lunchtime arts talks to art guide training

Flexible benefits:

  • Our pension scheme, the EY Retirement Savings Plan
  • Extra holiday (or you can also sell some back to us)
  • Annual travel insurance
  • Bikes for work
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Private healthcare insurance
  • Tax return service
  • Increased personal accident insurance cover
  • Dental insurance
  • Childcare vouchers

Other health and wellbeing benefits:

  • Eye tests and a contribution towards glasses / lenses if needed for computer use
  • A health assessment after three years' service
  • Online health programme
  • Access to Unum Lifeworks Employee Assistance, a free, confidential advice and counselling service for you and your immediate family members.

EY alumni

When you join EY, you do more than launch a career.

We have hundreds of thousands of alumni globally, which demonstrates what a superb training ground EY is for the financial and business sectors. This network is something which stays with you wherever you go.

You may spend your entire career with us or you may choose to seek new challenges elsewhere at some point. Regardless, we believe you’ll want to stay connected with your EY colleagues.

These relationships will prove invaluable throughout your career. Beyond that, you’ll build valuable friendships too.

As an EY alumnus, you’ll be offered many opportunities to network with your peers. So whatever direction you choose to take your career, you’ll benefit from your time with us.

And if you do leave to explore other opportunities, you might become one of the many people who rejoin, bringing valuable experience and perspectives that enrich our organization.