• Placing gender on the public sector agenda

    Think governments are achieving gender diversity in the workforce? Think again.

  • Talent acquisition for a government of the future

    The “government of the future” requires the right talent in middle and upper management to drive effective decision-making and new service delivery models.

  • The changing role of the CFO

    2016’s DNA of the CFO report looks at how the UK public sector CFO role is evolving to meet changing public expectations, fiscal challenges and efficiency agendas, new operating models and opportunities and risks posed by new technology.

  • Survive, strive or thrive? 2015-16 year end update

    There has never been more focus on alleviating the NHS deficit, and early intervention is key for hospitals to maintain resilience and sustainability. Find out more.

  • UK Infrastructure: Building future Britain

    Our Infrastructure team has a strong track record providing advice across the infrastructure life cycle. Find out how we can help you build future Britain.

  • From Whitehall to Townhall

    We look at devolution deals across England, factors enabling certain cities and areas to agree theirs, and how local government can successfully develop and sustain their devolution visions.

  • Audit Committee Briefing

    Written by our team of audit specialists, these briefings bring together technical accounting issues relevant for you and your organisation across different sectors

  • Government Finance Insights

    Watch our videos to find out more about careers in government finance, costing, finance at the heart of decision-making, and the power of management information.

  • Citizen Today: December 2015

    The pace of change offers great opportunity for progress. In this issue, we explore how governments can change in order to meet today's big challenges.

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Government and public sector organisations are continually seeking innovative answers to complex challenges as they strive to provide higher quality, lower cost services and ensure sustainable economic development, increased accountability and a better environment for their citizens.

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