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Along with our clients we share a deep commitment to public value. We work with our clients to ensure more efficient public services, bringing the best thinking and practical experience to help deliver tangible, sustainable improvement.

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EY - The changing role of the CFO

The changing role of the CFO

2016’s DNA of the CFO report looks at how the UK public sector CFO role is evolving to meet changing public expectations, fiscal challenges and efficiency agendas, new operating models and opportunities and risks posed by new technology.

EY - From Whitehall to Townhall

From Whitehall to Townhall

We look at devolution deals across England, factors enabling certain cities and areas to agree theirs, and how local government can successfully develop and sustain their devolution visions.

EY - Accelerating your financial close arrangements

Accelerating your financial close arrangements

Changes to the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 will impacts the way and speed in which local government organisations close their annual accounts process.  These changes will provide challenges for both the preparers and the auditors of the financial statements. This briefing paper outlines the changes and highlights areas that need to be considered.

Contracts optimisation / Commercial excellence

In times of austerity getting value for money is an ongoing challenge for most organisations. Often the best way to yield savings quickly is to optimise the value of existing supplier contracts (714K, November 2012). Find out how effectively managing these, and minimising waste in your business activities can typically save your organisation between 5% to 15% of its contract spend.

Driving efficiency in public sector estates

More effective use of the £370bn of UK public buildings is crucial to public sector efficiency and reform. Find out how our innovative, practical solutions link property with service design, finance, technology, customer demand, working practices and commercial excellence (762K, November 2012).  £1 saved on rent, heating, lighting and maintenance is £1 extra to the front-line.

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