• 5G and its implications for future tech

    EY's Global Telecoms Analyst, Adrian Baschnonga, chats about the opportunities 5G could bring and the enablers needed for it to succeed.

  • Telecom companies forge ahead with dealmaking

    Our latest Global Capital Confidence Barometer notes that telecom companies face an ever more pressing mandate to transform their businesses amid digital technologies and competition.

  • As easy as X, Y, Z

    Exploring generational differences and attitudes to tech, media and telecoms

  • Global Capital Confidence Barometer

    How can M&A deal with today’s demands while activating your digital tomorrow? Actively managing the present and anticipating the future defines new M&A strategies.

  • Digital Selling Forum: key themes and takeaways

    Key themes and takeaways from our recent TMT Digital Selling Forum, which guide and educate on the opportunities and challenges of digital selling for B2B sales.

  • Long live the high street

    Things aren’t always what they seem to be when it comes to Gen Z and making telecommunications purchases or interacting with service providers.

  • BEPS impact on the telecommunications sector

    Telecommunications companies should understand that BEPS is now a key component of international tax reform and that measures need to be undertaken.

  • EY's Fast Growth Platform

    Our new suite of services and support for fast-growing tech companies can help you succeed, whatever stage of the growth journey you're on.

  • Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond

    Based on our research findings, we’ve identified seven key considerations for telcos to keep front of mind as they undertake their journey of digital transformation.


Telecommunications: transforming our society

This new world of rapid evolution is throwing up constant innovation.

As new markets emerge, industry lines become increasingly blurred — opening up new service line opportunities for telco companies.

Products and services, such as the internet of things, streaming and smart home technology, all offer huge potential. And, such fast-paced change brings M&A opportunities into the spotlight too — so, for any company that understands its value proposition, the future is very bright indeed.

As such, a balanced strategy will call for calculated and incremental transformation, which is where our sector specialists help companies define and deliver this new future.


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