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The global business landscape is being reshaped by transformational events and trends. And that means the financial and reporting environment is also being reshaped, resulting in significant challenges for management, boards, audit committees and auditors.

We can help you understand and address today's most critical financial and reporting issues.

  • Fraud

    Fraud, bribery and corruption continue to expose companies to heightened financial, regulatory and reputational risk

    The findings of our fraud survey indicate that there remains a widespread tolerance of unethical behavior that goes to the very top of a business

    They show that bribery and corruption are considered to be rife, while few individuals are willing to recognise that it could happen in their own industry sectors. Despite this, respondents to our survey indicate that there has been a decline across the board in the use of anti-fraud and anti-bribery measures precisely during a period when the incentives to act unethically have been the highest.

    There exists a real need for companies and those charged with their governance and oversight, to revisit their focus on the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption. Given the current environment, more robust anti-fraud and anti-corruption efforts are an imperative.

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EY Assurance represents auditing, financial and reporting professionals focused on building a better working world for our people, clients and communities.
Our service offerings include Audit, Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) and Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS).Our service offerings include Audit, Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) and Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS).