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Building a more secure and trusted working world

EY firms provide business services to leading companies in every industry and market sector around the world. We leverage the insight gained from our global presence to differentiate ourselves in the cybersecurity marketplace. We do this by developing industry-specific vendor-agnostic services that help clients reduce risk using a balanced combination of people, processes, and technology.

EY Cybersecurity practices are divided into six core competencies that help clients build holistic enterprise security programs to support operations and mitigate cyber risk.

Cybersecurity as a Service

Chain on motherboardCybersecurity as a Service (CaaS), our cybersecurity managed services practice, provides clients with end-to-end cybersecurity operations and protection capabilities as companies struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technology, advanced cyber treats, and a shortfall of trained cybersecurity professionals.

CaaS has a level of expertise and precision you’d expect from a special forces unit. We assist businesses to reduce risk with four service pillars:

  • Continuous threat detection and response to act when the threat materializes.
  • Threat exposure management limits the openings available to the attacker.
  • Data protection for every use, storage or transmission of data.
  • Identity and access management simplifies and fortifies the accounts that run businesses.

Cyber Transformation

Man using laptopCyber Transformation provides sector and technical services to help enterprises understand their current cyber program capabilities and the risks they present. This insight can then be leveraged to build a sustainable, business-centric security program that is aligned with their risk appetite.

Cyber Threat Management

Computers in a rowCyber Threat Management provides technical services through Advanced Security Centers to help advance enterprise security program maturity. Service offerings include attack and penetration testing, incident response, tailored cyber threat intelligence, security monitoring, application security, vulnerability management, and security operations program design and implementation assistance.

Data Protection and Privacy

Man working on computerData Protection and Privacy services help organizations deploy processes and tools to detect and prevent data breaches that result from internal user activity. These services can provide visibility on data loss in the enterprise and help them with compliance and adherence to global privacy and confidentiality regulations.

Identity and Access Management

Workman in storageIdentity and Access Management provides a suite of complementary services that help clients operationalize policies, processes and supporting technologies so that they can manage access to their resources. By leveraging risk-based access management and identity intelligence, Identity and Access Management services can help streamline operations through improved efficiency while mitigating cyber risk.

To learn more, please visit our EY Cybersecurity content or Insights on governance, risk and compliance, our ongoing series of thought leadership reports focused on IT and business risk.