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China Overseas Investment Network (COIN)
This team led by Americas Area Leader, C.Y. Wang, will now become part of CBN in the Americas. COIN provides services to Chinese companies seeking growth and business opportunities overseas.

Climate Change and Sustainability Services
It takes a well-planned strategy to make money, save money, and manage risk in the low carbon economy. Our Climate Change and Sustainability framework, a proprietary, holistic methodology, helps demystify this complex issue. It will assist you in taking concrete actions to identify competitive advantages, increase operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

French Business Network
Our French Business Network (FBN) is a global network of multidisciplinary French Business Centers (FBC) established in 16 countries and 26 EY offices around the world. The FBN is an Ernst & Young France initiative designed to reduce both obstacles arising from geographical distance and the problems encountered by subsidiaries and their parent company in understanding local business rules and customs.

Japanese Business Services
Our Japanese Business Services is a global network of bilingual professionals dedicated to providing personalized service for our Japanese clients around the world. The team is made up of experienced men and women with in-depth knowledge of both the Americas and Japanese corporate environments, gained through hands-on experience of serving major clients.