The elephant in the room: R&D integration

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Integrating the product innovation and commercialization organization

Integrating product and technology is often at the heart of technology deals today — together they can create more value than they could apart. Successful integration of the product innovation and commercialization (PIC) organizations — typically including product research and development, engineering, process development, and product management — is key to realizing both revenue upside and operational cost savings built into the deal model. Further, it is highly visible externally and can drive perceptions about a deal’s success or failure.

It is also incredibly complex, cross-functional in nature and challenging to get right. Product and technology integration requires a balance of technological, commercial and organizational criteria across an interrelated pipeline with high levels of uncertainty. Success hinges on comprehending this complex setting, focusing the product and technology integration strategy on capturing the right type of value, and avoiding common land mines in executing the change agenda.

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