Transaction Advisory Services

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Valuation & Business Modeling

Our perspectives on dynamic business and asset values can help advance your strategic, financial and tax agendas.

Transparent, robust and accurate valuations and business models are the foundation for successful corporate strategies and transactions. Providing services to drive a competitive advantage, we are uniquely results-focused. That means we are dedicated to providing focused analysis to inform your key decisions.

Our experienced Valuation and Business Modeling teams can provide deeper understanding to help drive value for corporate and private equity clients. Our multidisciplinary teams have an immense breadth and depth of skills in tax, litigation, commercial and regulatory issues. They understand the external factors that impact your business as well as valuation issues in key industries, across a wide range of needs and asset categories.

Transaction strategy

We guide you through the value implications of your transactions to better understand the impact on your business.

    • Fairness opinions
    • Carve-out financial statement models
    • Contingent consideration and option assessment and valuations
    • Pre-deal, sum-of-the-parts and value bridge analyses
    • Synergies assessment
    • Pre-deal EPS impact assessment
    • Divestiture candidate assessment and valuations
    • Joint ventures advice
    • Real estate market assessments and M&A due diligence
    • Closing procedures for hospitality and other real estate investment properties
    • Capital market transaction advice
      (services provided by Ernst & Young Capital Advisors, LLC)
    • Post-deal value tracking
    • Tax planning assistance – entity planning models to tie financial forecasts to products/services/geographies
    • Accounting valuations (purchase price allocation and impairment analyses)
    • Tax valuations (asset and legal entity valuations)
    • Valuations for intra-company capital and asset transactions
    • Interest apportionment studies
    • Cancellation of debt valuation
    • Partnership valuations

Business, financial and operations

Our teams can help you analyze and address key business issues such as:

    • Growth strategy planning – sector and industry insights through decision support and econometric analysis
    • Strategic portfolio optimization – analyzing business units/assets and identifying which assets in your business are accretive and which are dilutive
    • Transaction strategy — understanding the value impact of alternative complex transaction structures
    • Understanding your business’s key value drivers
    • Business Modeling capabilities that are world-class in bridging strategic and operational issues
    • Evaluating funding mechanisms for customer growth, such as captive finance alternatives
    • Optimal capital structure analysis (credit models, debt capacity) to help identify capital needed to run the business and cash that could be invested to drive growth
    • Assisting with profitability improvement by providing cost allocation methodology by product/services
    • Recommending hedging programs to address interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price risk
    • Analysis of complex financial instruments, commodities and derivatives

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